In the summer of 2012, the founder of Liven It Up Events, Anthony Navarro along with colleague Cher Garrett, owner of wedding venue Loft on Lake created a platform for business professionals to unite under, who support marriage equality. The entire Wedding Planning team at Liven It Up Events have become members of STAND UP and support the cause.
Chicago Wedding Professionals STAND UP for Marriage Equality

The first project, to get STAND UP off the ground was assembling the Chicago Wedding Community to create the first of many to come, STAND UP videos. In this video, you will see 100 of Chicago’s Wedding Professionals who STAND UP for marriage Equality.
The Mission of STAND UP

STAND UP is a platform for business professionals to unite and STAND UP for marriage equality.

We invite business professionals from all walks of life to participate by organizing their associations, corporations and work teams, to take a Stand. Through video and other creative forms of communication we hope to educate, enlighten, and illuminate. Changes to legislation which provide all the same rights and legal benefits of marriage, regardless of gender, is at the heart of the STAND UP mission.
By uniting in groups, representing a multitude of industries we hope to show that no matter who you are, or what you do, it is time to STAND UP for marriage equality.
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