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Experiential marketing is a strategy that engages consumers using branded experiences. The idea is to create a memorable impact on the consumer and will inspire them to share with their friends both online and offline.


The team at Liven It Up Events believes that the impact an event can have on someone can be long lasting if the experience is not only planned and executed well, but creates an emotional response by the attendee.

By creating an experience that evokes emotion and integrating a brand into that experience, the person who is experiencing that event will have a long lasting remembrance of that brand.


First, we learn what you are trying to achieve? What's the goal?

Then, we get to know the brand. Learn what the culture is, and how that is integrated into products or the services you offer.

We brainstorm and present ideas on how to create a unique experience. You hone in on one and we refine it.

We produce it. Using our production team to build the event from the ground up, integrating social media strategies, and execute a successful event.

The event concludes and you continue to see the results.


Task: Client asked us to help craft a holiday celebration for their employees and their best clients.

Research: Discovered that year, the company hit a milestone and expanded into doing business in China, Brazil and in various parts of South Africa.

Concept: Create a global passport, taking the guests on a journey around the world.

Event Unfolded:
Guests were welcomed into the event, into what looked as though they were entering an airport check-in.
Actors played airline employees to help check the guests in.
Each guests received a passport that had a program for the evening and a boarding pass which served as their escort card to their dinner table.
Guests were welcomed into the cocktail area and like true airport fashion, there were screens all around the room that showed what other guests had arrived. With over 400 guests, this was a way for everyone to know who was there.
Guests were welcomed into the dining room down a long hallway that looked like an runway at an airport. The idea was they were taking off and flying away to another land. There was a custom runway.
Airplane windows on both sides of the hallway with a look into the far away lands the company expanded too and pilot announcements, welcoming them to dinner.
As the guests entered the ballroom, they were welcomed by a vibrant dance performance by a Brazilian dance troupe, celebrating their expansion to Brazil.
The design for the room for dinner was to create a wintery feel, after all it was a holiday party but we wanted it to feel as though everyone in the room were world travelers, so we integrated a global feel with the table centerpieces. Hot air balloons that seemed to just float in the room.
Our emcee for the evening was Alfonso Ribeiro, who not only entertained but kept the evening program flowing.
In between courses we had other celebratory performances, the first a Dragon Dance to represent the good fortune for expanding business into China.
And the last celebration before the band kicked off and opened up the dance floor for the night, was an African drum group that played and danced and invigorated the crowd to get everyone up on their feet.
The event was a success for our client as it created a positive, emotional response for the guests. The event helped reinforced employee morale, as well as it helped maintain and strengthen their relationships with their strategic partners in various countries in the world.

That is how we produce an Experiential Event.
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