Wedding RECAP @ The Sofitel (Again!)

Looking back over the summer, we had quite a few weddings at the Softiel Hotel. This is one of our favorite hotels in Chicago. Just love when you walk in and you are greeted by Guest Services with a peppy “Bonjour!” You cannot help but grin, even if it just a little. Not only that, the ballroom offers a modern back drop for wedding or event and the food! Oh my, it is just out of this world!

The wedding we are looking back at today was for a great couple! They, like most of the folks at the Sofitel, always had smiles on their faces! They selected a great team to work for their wedding. Nadine and Tori with Fragrant Design created the florals for the wedding, while Dennis Lee Photography and JJ with Orange Films captured the day! Al Okyne with Okyne Media Lab kept the dance floor rocking all night long!

Take a look at some of our snap shots we took from the night!