Wedding Planning RECAP @ The W City Center

Today, we are looking back at this gorgeous, spring inspired wedding on our blog.  This wedding took place at the historic, yet completely modernized, W City Center.  And being spring time, we were able to incorporate one of the most rarely used floral elements in a wedding, blooming branches.  The reason simply being it is difficult to get them as they are only available for a short time.

First, lets take a look at the ceremony.  In the space where this took place, the two gorgeous elements we had to work with were these amazing chandeliers built into the room, along with the fire place.

By lining the aisle with a white aisle runner and then by adorning the aisle in candle light and with all of the blooming branch centerpieces, were were able to create this magical look.  A small detail here:  the aisle was tied off with a crystal strand just to give it a little “bling”!


Moving us into the main ballroom, the guests were greeted by a stunning pieces that held the escort cards.



And moving into the dining room, we wanted the room to stand out on it’s own so the accent of the amber uplighting helped do that.  It simply made the perimeter of the room, glow.
017f8432810497887af4bc3539dd84c3a327e54ed5You can also see that we used all elevated pieces for this wedding which was done to help the room feel warm as when you have a room with tall ceilings, you have to bring in some height some how!

And of course, the head table was adorned in candle light and flanked with two large arrangements as it welcomed the guests into the ballroom!

Thank you again for reviewing our RECAP!  More to come next week!