Wedding Planning RECAP @ The University Club

Today we are looking back at a gorgeous wedding at The University Club in Chicago.  This is one of the most most architecturally stunning venues we are lucky enough to get to work in.  This wedding is about a fun couple who wanted to blend both the bride’s Irish roots and to the groom’s Jewish heritage and also feel as though we were outdoors.  Here’s how we achieved that look at feel.

The first part of the wedding, was finding the perfect venue for 250 guests.  What we did was search traditional venues and they landed on the historic, University Club of Chicago.  From there, we decided that they wanted to be married in the venue, in front of the windows, over looking the park and the lake, but some how bring the outdoors in.  In Jewish traditions, the couple would be married under a chuppah, so why not make the chuppah entirely out of greens and flowers?  So we did!


This beautiful structure stood 10′ tall and was just a beautiful piece that was simply breathtaking.

The next element that we wanted to make sure also had a place was the aisle, as though we were walking through a summer forest.  By highlighting the aisle with the tall green pieces and accenting with candles, the bride loved her aisle way to her ceremony!


When we transitioned from ceremony to dinner, the bride really wanted to keep with the traditional elements of the Club by using their chairs that match the space as well as the linens, which played really well with our garden floral designs.


A major nod to the bride’s side of her heritage was using a beautiful green called bells of Ireland.  These green pieces were used to create height in a room full of tall ceilings and was also a family tradition to use them at their weddings.  Super sentimental to many of the bride’s family members who were in the room.


A final touch in the room was that chuppah was so beautiful, we could not make it completely go away, so the team at Juliet Tan Floral Design dismantled the back half of the structure and we used the front as an arch to frame the head table.  It was simply elegant and breathtaking!


And that is how we created an elegant, yet garden inspired wedding in a traditional space.  More Wedding Planning RECAPs to come this month and into 2017 for your wedding planning inspiration!