Wedding Planning RECAP @ The Rookery

We are looking back at another amazing wedding we produced last year!  This was one of our favorites for our two grooms!  What an incredible family, wedding party and couple!  Lets look back and see how we took this incredible building, The Rookery, and made the wedding come to life!

First, lets start with the ceremony.  The grooms made the decision to have the ceremony facing the staircase, which was great!  What we decided to do was to add in some fabric drapery so that when it was time to start the ceremony, we could section off the lobby and keep the ceremony as intimate as possible.

The Rookery 6

We then, simply added two floral accent pieces, flanking the staircase that created a simple, modern, and masculine focal front for the ceremony.

The Rookery 1

During the cocktail hour, we turned the room from ceremony to reception.  Now, I made a bold suggestion when it came to selecting the design of the room.  I suggested we enhance the gold in the space with gold chivari chairs, but really punch it up since we were doing no color in the florals with black linens.  We kept the florals simple, modern, and mostly whites and greens, and well, it came together incredibly!

The Rookery 4 The Rookery 2

What also worked well and something I love doing is creating a small feasting table, where everyone in the wedding party was able to sit around a long rectangular table for dinner.  What I also loved about this is this table because a focal piece in the room, along with the stunning architecture.  It was just lovely how it all worked!

The Rookery 5 The Rookery 3

One more look back at another Wedding Planning RECAP!  Hope you get inspired, thanks for reading, and come back next week!  More to come!