Wedding Planning RECAP @ The Patrick Haley Mansion

Here we are again, looking back at another wedding we were so delighted to work on!  This time, we found ourselves at The Patrick Haley Mansion in Joliet.  This was our first wedding in this gorgeous space and we just loved it!  What was so much fun with this wedding was that both the bride and groom were professors in the arts field, so throughout, we were able to play with a literary theme along with playing with the majestic feel of this historic mansion.

The first thing that we wanted to do was create a focal point in the room, as always, this was the happy couple at their table.  Instead of having a traditional, long head table, we had what is known as a feasting table.  This table seats the wedding party and more, all the way around the table with a space in front for the couple to be seen and works great for photos!

Patrick Haley 1

The next piece that was important was working in decor, non floral, on the guest tables.  Our suggestion was to bring some height into the room because of the tall ceilings, so the mother of the bride found these beautiful crystal candelabras that we used.  On the other tables, the couple found old books and artifacts that we stacked on each table.  It was such an elegant and fun way to blend the two styles!

Patrick Haley 3

All together, the room looked grand and elegant with it’s natural features, only enhancing it’s beauty with the decor we brought in!

Patrick Haley 5

Another fun feature was the use of the library in the mansion.  This is where we had the “escort cards” which were actual books that the guests were able to keep as a favor!  We were able to stack them on the book cases on the window ledge.  It was such a fun way for the guests to find where they were sitting!

Patrick Haley 2

Finally, we wanted to use the salon for more than just cocktail hour, so we used the salon as the back for the dessert station.  Unlike most weddings, there was no wedding cake.  The couple loved strudel, so that was what we served, strudel!  It was not only a fun station, but so delicious!
Patrick Haley 4

And there you have it!  Another Wedding Planning RECAP from Liven It Up Events!  More to come next week!