Wedding Planning RECAP @ The Palmer House

One of the most magical places in Chicago, our team all agrees, is The Empire Room at The Palmer House Hilton.  There is just something regal, elegant and historical when you walk up the steps to the ballroom and step foot into this 100 year + old room.  It’s simply elegant and divine!

At the end of last summer, we had the great honor to work with such a great couple who hosted their wedding at The Palmer House.  They even were married on site which always makes this a little more smooth!

For their ceremony, we orientated the center of the ceremony to be under the beautiful crown built in on to the stage and then had the center all well it and beautifully decorated with lush floral arrangements.


For dinner, we transformed this legendary ballroom with some really beautiful, but not over the top floral arrangements on the tables.  Playing with simple colors, white and soft pinks, they really just stood out in the ballroom.


Another beautiful trick in this space is to use a darker linen to make the table become part of the ballroom and then have the floral arrangements stand out.  Here, we used a gorgeous black satin lamour linen.


And to tie the look together, we used pin spot lighting throughout the room to really enhance the tables, the florals and create a magical look as you walked into this historical ballroom.


Thanks again for reading and we will see you next week with another Wedding Planning RECAP!