Wedding Planning RECAP @ The Hyatt Mag Mile

Here’s a look back at this stunning wedding we had the chance to be a part of that took place last summer at the Hyatt Mag Mile.  This is a new hotel that we just loved working with.  The team was great and with many details, we were able to make this wedding come to life.  We were so happy to work with the team at Kehoe Designs as well to make this wedding come to life.

The first component of this design was the ceremony.  The couple wanted a dramatic entrance, so at the back of the room, it was completely draped so when the guests entered into the ballroom, this si what they saw.  With a gorgeous aisle runner, floral down both sides of the aisle, along with candle light an a soft wash of amber lighting, it set the path for the ceremony.

At the front of the ceremony space, there were large floral arrangements that were on top of pedestals and centered in the room, a round canopy that was made of fabric with a chandelier in the center.  It was simply, divine!


For the reception, we opened the entire ballroom to feature these gorgeous lush and full floral arrangements as you well see below.  They were just stunning pieces on the guest tables.


Some of the other guest tables, to create contrast in the room featured smaller arrangements compiled of candlesticks and floral pieces and elements.


The couple were placed at a sweet heart table that was directly under the beautiful canopy that was used for the ceremony.  It really was the perfect table for two!


And for the final touches, you can notice that the room had uplighting around it to give it a bit of a warm glow, the tall arrangements were pin spotted and the dance floor had a textured wash on it that made it just glow.


The room was elegant, refined, and divine! We had a happy couple on our hands!