Wedding Planning RECAP @ The Field Museum

We are no strangers to working in large venues in Chicago.  The team at Liven It Up Events is well versed in all types of venues, from hotels, to mansions, lofts, photo studios, floral shops, and yes, even museums!  Lets take a look back at this fun wedding we had Labor Day Weekend at The Field Museum.

When you have a space that you have to design for a wedding for a smaller amount of guests than what the venue typically holds, you have to be smart with your design choices.  For instance, The Field Museum can hold thousands of people for events.  We had about 150 people for this wedding.  So what we had to do was use the space wisely.

The couple married at the museum.  What we did was use the grand staircase as the frame for the ceremony.  Taking the architectural elements and fitting in what we were doing, you know, a wedding ceremony, right in the center of all of the grandness already there!


The next step in laying out a large room with a smaller guest count is to centralize the main activities for the evening.  From this photo, you should be able to see how we used the stable and non-movable elements in the room, the elephants mainly to centralize the dance floor and the guest tables.  It actually worked out great!10653491_10203487592842810_5446615716604354790_n 10632708_10203487592522802_7545127815740140781_n


You’ll see in these photos that because we were dealing with such a large space, we did use all taller arrangements on the tables to help fill the space above.  Phil at Kehoe did a great job pulling off this rustic fall theme the couple was going for!  it was gorgeous.

Finally, one of the most important parts to designing in a large room is the lighting.  By adding the amber uplighting throughout the space, it helped illuminate the space and make it fell warm and inviting.  Just a simple little trick that makes the world of difference!



And there you have it!  Another Wedding Planning RECAP by the team at Liven It Up Events!