Wedding Planning RECAP @ The Chicago History Museum

This week, we are looking back at the bright and colorful wedding we planned last year at the Chicago History Museum.  First, we love the idea of embracing color.  There’s nothing wrong with natural tones, blushes, ivory or pinks, we love that too!  But there is something special when you have a neutral room and when the couple loves to idea of embracing color, we love to work with them to do this!

First, lets start with what the couple wanted.  They were looking to use the elegance of the History Museum to set the tone for a traditional wedding.  What they wanted to convey is the playfulness of summer and bring in color so here’s what we did.

For the ceremony, we kept it simple and lined the aisle with these gorgeous tall arrangements on white pedestals.  We kept it clean and simple.  The ceremony, which was really important to them, was the focal point, not what was happening down the aisle.


When we flipped the room from ceremony to dinner, we worked with the couple to use a combination of round and rectangular tables.  The rectangular tables were where the families and wedding party were seated.  These table used a long collection of vibrant flowers which made fore a fun setting.01056ad1236af956e451379814e310d15f07d36a32

In looking at our color scheme, the couple chose to go with gold chivari chairs and a neutral champagne linen.  We had fun with the napkin and popped a little more color with an eggplant color, and had it hang off the table to bring the color through down to the chair.

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You will see, the tall centerpieces from the ceremony were then re-purposed on the dinner tables to not only bring height into the room, but that BIG pop of color!


It all came together exactly as planned, elegant, simply stylized, and perfect for this happy couple!

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