Wedding Planning RECAP @ Salvage One

This week’s Wedding Planning RECAP is all about this fun yet formalish wedding we had last year at Salvage One.  Salvage One is an antique store that uses parts of the store for weddings and events.  This is one of our favorite spaces and just love working with clients here!  The couple wanted a unique space but also wanted it to feel like a wedding.  Working our Alex and her team at Exquisite Designs, I think we made that happen.

The first part of the evening was the ceremony.  We utilized the dedicated space for wedding ceremonies at Salvage One and simply added candles down the aisle along with a few elements right up front.  We wanted to keep this simple and have the focus be on the couple as they got married!


Before going to the main loft for dinner, they enjoyed cocktail hour in the garden.  We just love this space and how mixing in some traditional highboy tables just elevates it enough for a wedding.


As the guests entered the main loft for dinner, they were greeted by lush mound of florals with tented place cards.  What made this unique was the antique chandelier hanging above and the older wooden table.


As they turned around from getting their place cards, this is where they were met with a variety sized tables and chairs, mixed in with a mix of floral centerpieces down the center of all of the tables.

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What we just loved about this wedding was using all of the elements we could use at Salvage One, but pulling in all of the traditional elements such as the floral arrangements, the table runners and cloth napkins.  It really helped define the style and the look of this wedding!


Thank you again for coming to read about our Wedding Planning RECAP!  More to come soon!