Wedding Planning RECAP @ Revel Fulton Market

This week on the blog, we are looking back at a fantastic wedding we planned this summer for an amazing couple at a new event space, Revel Fulton Market (which we are obsessed with!).  The goal for this couple was to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere for the wedding and to give it a little bit of a California, outdoor vibe.  Here’s what we did to make that happen.

First of all, they had to get married, it is a wedding you know.  So, instead of using a traditional fabric chuppah, the team at Revel Decor created this amazing metal structure, that stood center in the room, and the couple married underneath it in the round.  Mind you, the guests were greeted with champagne and they were able to sit and stand to watch the ceremony unfold!  By adding candle light at the base, we kept it simple and was perfect for ceremony.


Moving into cocktail hour, the guests enjoyed a variety of passed hors d’oeuvres and food stations with bars pouring special wines and cocktails.  The most fun part about this part of the wedding was projecting the seating assignments onto a wall.  By having this fun feature in the room, it was perfect for the guests to see where they were going to sit!


As we moved the guests into the main loft for the dinner and dancing reception, the band welcomed everyone in to lively music.  As the guests walked in, they were wowed by beauty of the room.  By using a combination of bar height farm tables, round linened tables and wood farm tables, we created  a floor plan that centered the room with the dance floor.  One of the fun features of this wedding was the black and white checkerboard dance floor with cafe lights overhead.  It was really fun, kept the vibe more relaxed and less formal.


One of the other ways we kept it on the relaxed side was by serving dinner through food stations.  The way we did this was we did serve a plated first course, and then from there, on both sides of the room, we opened 3 different themed food stations.  The one below was an based on food items that you would find in Pilsen.


The final touch was the dessert lounge.  Instead of having a dessert table, we created a lounge grouping that held the desserts for the guests to enjoy.  On the book cases and coffee tables, there were trays of mini desserts that the guests just walked right up and grabbed and went back to dancing or having a conversation at their table or in the lounge!  It was a fun way to serve dessert!

Thank you again for coming and checking out our RECAP!  We look forward to you coming back next week to read about another planning adventure to inspire you!