Wedding Planning RECAP @ Morgan Manufacturing

Today, we are looking back at this gorgeous wedding we had at Morgan Manufacturing.  Morgan is a fun, new industrial style space.  It was an old warehouse that was completely converted with an incredible main loft that has skylights throughout, an incredible bar and lounge area, and the bathrooms, (we know, bathrooms?) have been named the best in Chicago!  It’s just one of our favorite new venues!

Now, this wedding was just dreamy on how it all came together.  What the couple wanted was for there to be a formal, yet casual vibe throughout the evening.  It all started with the ceremony.  We worked with the unique chairs that Morgan Manufacturing has, and then teamed up with Hello Darling to create the floral for the wedding.  We came up with the idea of using shapes throughout the wedding and what we did for the ceremony was created a back drop that was full of shapes.  By adding a touch of color in the floral, both down the aisle and up front, it was the perfect tone for the evening.


From there, the guests moved into the cocktail space for cocktail hour.  There, they were greeted by a fun place card table that was full of candles, colorful floral and tree stumps that helped create dimension on the table.

01c64c8dd556ec1e36fb73ec1955a2ed736cc29539When the guests were welcomed back into the room, they were greeted by a menu on a chalkboard, outlining the evening’s menu.  This menu was Asian/American inspired by the culinary team at J&L Catering and what was even more fun is we played with shapes in the plates and flatware used for the evening.


For the dining room, we did use the main loft and created this vibrant, yet elegant wedding for our brides!  A few things we did.  First, we used an assortment of table shapes (again, playing with shapes!)  By using round, linened tables, and then wood rectangular tables with runners, we were able to create dimension and depth visually.  Keeping all of the floral low to the table and full of color, we made a bold statement with our orange napkins.


The way we finished the look was simply hanging an array of cafe lights throughout the room that created this magical glow over the room.


And with this beautiful and uniquely shaped wedding cake, by Amy Beck Cake Design, the entire look was finished!


Thanks again for checking out our Wedding Planning RECAP!  Watch for more RECAP’s next week!