Wedding Planning RECAP @ Kuiper’s Farm

Looking back at one of our favorite rustic style, barn weddings we have produced.  This wedding happened last year at Kuiper’s Farm in Maple Park, IL.  This is a TRUE farm.  Take a look at the gorgeous landscape that the guests were greeted by!

Kuipers 1


Our first process was to see the inside of the barn space.  What is great about this space is it is a blend of two styles.  It has that rustic barn look, but also a little on the industrial side.  The immediate reaction from a design point of view is to work with the rustic side of the space, soften it, because after all, it’s a wedding!

We started with the actual tables and chairs.  We all agreed upon a neutral base, with a burlap runner – tipping our hat to the rustic – and a lace runner overlay – acknowledging that we are designing a wedding.  From there, we wanted to pull in some of the natural woods in the space, so we decided to use the fruit wood folding chairs which were a great touch, that warmed up our table settings.

When it came to the floral, the florist was creative and used as many wild and natural blooms and elements that worked.  I love how the blend of the causalness and rusticness balanced on this elegant looking table.

Kuipers 3 Kuipers 2 Kuipers 8 Kuipers 4

To finish it off, we had cafe lights strung from the beams to finish the look!

The few other fun pieces to this wedding were, cocktail hour was hosted int he front part of the building which is also used as the farm’s doughnut shop!  It was so much using all of the props from the store along with bringing in highboys and cabaret tables to remind our guests, they were at a wedding.

Kuipers 6

There was an actual silo that the guests had to walk through to get into the actual barn for the dinner and dancing reception, so we used props from the farm to fill it.  We had a real tractor, and it was fun to play with the burlap linens for the gift table and assorted family photos!

Kuipers 9

The final favorite piece was creating a rustic dessert station.  The team at My Chef Catering did an incredible job pulling this together.  All we used were props around the store and the barn to create this elegant, rustic look!

Kuipers 5

And there you have it!  Another Wedding Planning RECAP!  Keep coming back every week as we will have another look for you to see and get inspired by!