Wedding Planning RECAP @ Ignite Glass Studios

One of the most designed weddings we had this summer took place at Ignite Glass Studios.  Now, the team at Liven It Up Events designs weddings every weekend, but this wedding was designed from the ground up as you will see.

First, starting to think of this modern, almost cold stone feeling of a space, we had to think table top shapes and sizes.  We played with the idea of mixing and matching round and square tables.  Keep in mind, this might not work in every venue and sometimes, it does not work in a venue you might see in photos depending on your guest count.  Square tables actually take up much more room than you.  Thanks to Missy and her team at Blue Plate Catering, we were able to create a layout to make this all work!


That was the first design thought.  The next was what was to go on the tables.  We always love when we can see elevated pieces on the tables, along with a lower piece on the tables to create dimension and height in the room.  The team at HMR Designs, came up with these two great looks!  These fun lamps and this modern collection of florals and of course playing with color.

DESIGN TIP:  When using a neutral base linen, add color in your florals.  When using a bold color linen, use more neutral tones in your florals!


10613022_10203448515185893_1342824345906469670_n 10376313_10203448514105866_1194205978148383026_n

One of the other fun layers added into this wedding was a special seating arrangement for the bride and groom.  They sat at a sweet heart table (just for two!) and then they had special ottomans in front of the table if any of the guests wanted to come and stop by and say hi!  They also had a custom made sofa for them to sit on – because it was their day!


The final layer of design in this wedding was focused on the ceiling and onto the dance floor.  We had the entire ceiling draped in fabric and added three large sputnik chandeliers into the room.  Finishing off the design with a circular pattern being washed onto the dance floor.


And there you have it!  Another Wedding Planning RECAP from your wedding planning experts at Liven It Up Events!