Wedding Planning RECAP @ Harold Washington Library

This week we are taking a look back at this 1920’s inspired wedding we planned last summer at Harold Washington Library.  This was such a fun couple to work with, one from Italian decent and one South Asian.  We had a great time blending cultures, looks, styles from the ceremony to the food.  These grooms were just the best to work with!

Lets start with the ceremony.  There were a couple of fun set-up elements we had for the ceremony.  First, we did the ceremony in the round, where guests watched what was happening all the way around the room.  Second, we created a modern structure that represented a mandop.  This was in the center of the room that was just simply stunning!  And since music was so important to the grooms, the trio was the back drop to the mandop as the guests walked into the room.

HWL 01

From there, we transfored the room for dinner and dancing.  We used a a combination of centerpieces.  One floral based and the other feather based which really gave the “Gatsby”  feel.  By pairing the white floral with gold and black accents, it really helped make the room come alive!

HWL 03

The gold chairs and black linens really did make the centerpiece pop!

HWL 02

And the head table was set for “Gatsby” royalty with two large feather pieces and the red garlands draping the chairs!

HWL 04

Finally, we created a gorgeous lounge grouping that was vintage inspired for late night fun, desserts and cocktails.

HWL 05

Thank you for checking out this week’s Planning RECAP!  Look for another one next week!