Wedding Planning RECAP @ Harold Washington Library


Every year, we get to work in one of the grandest rooms in the city of Chicago.  This room is The Winter Garden Room at The Harold Washington Library.  Opened in the late 80’s, the library hosts a variety of events and numerous weddings!  This particular wedding we are looking back at today was pretty special and we are going to show you the special touches!

First, lets start with the ceremony.  For this couple, they wanted something a little different and unexpected.  What we were able to do, since we were already working with silver, black and white as our color palette, we used a platinum aisle runner and a platinum back drop.  This was the perfect color for these elements and helped the ivory chuppah stand out.  We also lined the aisle with these gorgeous orchid sprays on pedestals with candles!  It was simply stunning.


For this couple, getting married in the library was truly important.  They wanted to personalize their seating arrangements and guest dining tables by naming them books.  We used this gorgeous card catalog to hold all of the escort cards which were made to look like old library cards.  When the guests arrived at their table name, there was an actual book that the table was named after on the table.  Just a fun way to bring in that personalized element!  (The books were donated to a children’s charity after the wedding.)


Moving into dinner, there were a few more elements that we worked through.  By using these fun orchid sprays, we were able to help fill the space nicely.  We also used a combination of round and rectangular tables that helped create shape and dimension in the room.  By also using the platinum backdrop for the head table, it really set the tone and feel of the room from the minute guests walked in.


What was really special about these rectangular tables were they were able to seat up to 20 people and the immediate families were all able to sit at the same table.  It was a special and important element for the couple and this is how we made it come to life!


And there you have it – another Wedding Planning RECAP!  More to come next week!