Wedding Planning RECAP @ Elawa Farm

This next wedding we are looking back on was a gorgeous interpretation of a modern barn wedding.  We came up with the look with our client in order to create something unexpected in a barn/farm setting.  Using the gorgeous Elawa Farm as our back drop, it was easy to accentuate the natural beauty.

First, we had to welcome our guests in the actual barn for the cocktail hour.  This is where we utilized a gorgeous, white wood table that was used for the place cards.


From there, we added in not only your traditional highboys and cabs, but some modular furniture that helped add to the softness of the space. Again, we were blending the look of a traditional wooden barn with modern pieces.


As they guests entered the barn, they were mesmerized by the uniqueness of the space.


For dinner, we moved the guests over to the tented area which was just beautiful.  Now, instead of using a natural palette of colors, we really focused on using tons of color in the florals, and then created a grey base on the dining tables which really elevated the look, all while using the Tuscan chair to give us that rustic inspired feeling.


The head table jutted out in the center of the tent, while the round guest tables surrounded the tent.


It was simply breathtaking!  What is funny about this wedding, is the dinner was not supposed to be under the tent.  It was supposed to be outside, in front of the barn.  Due to the fact that it rained all day and most of the evening, we had to have the wedding dinner in the tent.  In the end, the bride and groom were SO thrilled that we did use the tent because they just loved how it all came together!

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Until next time!  Thanks for reading our Wedding Planning RECAP!