Wedding Planning RECAP @ City View Loft

This week we are taking a look back at a spring wedding we planned this year at Kitchen Chicago and City View Loft.  This magical wedding was for a wonderful couple.  They wanted a loft setting for their wedding to give it that urban vibe, but then wanted to soften it up and and give it a more rustic feel.  Here’s how we made this come to life!

First, for the ceremony, we worked to transform Kitchen Chicago.  In order to create this soft, natural look, we create a soft branch arch that acted as an anchor for the front of the ceremony space.  By having this piece, it because a beautiful focal point.  By uplighting the back wall, we also were able to enhance the natural brick, playing up the loft element here.


As you can see in this photo, we also adorned the center aisle with candles, lanterns and floral clusters to create a beautiful walk way for the wedding party and the couple!


For the reception, we moved upstairs to Kitchen Chicago.  We were lucky enough to be able to reuse the arch from the ceremony.  This piece became the anchor tot he sweet heart table and the room.  We did dress the sweet heart table up in linen and adored it with floral clusters and lanterns.



The rest of the room, we used the custom square tables that City View owns.  We decided to work with all low floral collections, candles and clusters to not overwhelm the space.

img_1442 img_1440

To finish the look off, we enhanced the entire space with uplighting and used the cafe lights that are already strung at City View!


Thank you again for visiting our blog for inspiration!  More planning RECAPs to come!