Wedding Planning RECAP @ Chicago Symphony Orchestra

This week, we are looking back at this classic and traditionally inspired wedding at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.  This couple wanted to take a classic space and look and create a fun vibe with their wedding along with some interesting floral elements to be incorporated into the wedding.  Here’s what we did to make that happen!

First, lets take a look at the ceremony.  What we did was really classic and simply, yet brought out the elegance in the ballroom.  The first element you see is we set the uplighting in the room to a golden amber, that accented the gorgeous natural elements in the room.  We also had floral clusters on the chairs, an aisle runner and at the front of the space, tiered some floral pieces and used a music stand for the officiant’s book to be held.


When we look at the transformation of the ballroom from ceremony to dinner, what we did was use a combination of round and rectangular tables.  That combination led to a fun floor plan, and we were able to play with different style centerpieces.


The amber lighting helped accent the space again and make it glow!  We also used tons of color and with the combination of candle sticks and modern candelabras, we were able to help create an elegant, classic space with a fun modern vibe!


And thanks to our colleagues at Blue Plate Catering and Revel Decor for making this wedding day come to life!