Wedding Planning RECAP @ Cafe Brauer

Taking a look back at this gorgeous Cafe Brauer wedding from last summer!  Lets talk through how we came up with this whimsical, garden inspired look that was partly floral based and party prop based.

The first step was designing a look where there would be some elevated table centerpieces.  With the gorgeous venue, Cafe Brauer, only comes one challenge in design.  With tall ceiling, creating height with centerpieces or suspending from the ceiling or both, is a must!  It helps pull the room together.

The first look we had design and create were these elevated pieces.  Take a look at how this simple color combination of florals and greens helped create a whimsical, yet sophisticated look.


The next, was to create another piece that was more propped based.  Instead of just using candles, we fell in love with using these elevated candle pieces that also had a whimsical, yet sophisticated look.  These candle pieces really helped transform the look!


When you look at the room as a whole, this look really did help make it all come together!


We did also create a third, low lush floral look too to help off set some of the height in the room.


The final element that we had in this room for this wedding was the wedding cake.  It became an overflow of floral and really just a beautiful focal point in the room!


Finishing the look with green elements in our linen choices and fruitwood chivari chairs, really helped make this look come together!