Wedding Planning RECAP @ Cafe Brauer

For those of you who follow our wedding planning blog, you know that our team is no stranger to Cafe Brauer at The Lincoln Park Zoo.  It almost feels like a home away from home for us!  Here is a look back to a spring wedding we had there.  You can see how we helped make it all come to life!

First, the ceremony took place inside The Great Hall.  This chuppah was the perfect backdrop for this couple to get married under.  They wanted it to feel grand and yet elegant.  With the soft sheer fabric and the floral cuffs on all four poles, with just a pop of lighting inside the chuppah, it was simply perfect.  We also adored the aisle with candles and two elevated pieces at the back of the aisle to create this dramatic aisle for the couple!



Dinner was an elegant feast!  By using these incredible elevated pieces, were were able to help make The Great Hall feel GRAND!  Looking at the details, the floral elements helped created height in the room 


What we really loved about this reception, not only the gorgeous florals, but we brought in these elegant chairs from Tablescapes Party Rental.  They were the perfect way to bring in a silver-gold element to help accent our silver accents.  This is another way that we were able to give this wedding an elegant-ballroom feel (which is what our bride wanted!)


Finally, another fun way we brought in some fun and playfulness with silver was in the wedding cake.  These fun, textured layers helped create that playfulness in the room!


Again, we thank you for checking out our Wedding Planning RECAP and watch next week for more to come!