Wedding Planning RECAP @ Cafe Brauer

Today, we are looking back at one of the many weddings we have planned at Cafe Brauer.  This wedding was just super special with some incredible elements, really beautiful and colorful florals and a giant wedding cake!  Lets take a look at the elements.

One of the first elements to look at is how the room was designed.  For this couple, they wanted bright, beautiful floral arrangements.  With that said, our friends at Kloeckner’s did a marvelous job in creating these colorful arrangements.  Using a neutral base, these arrangements really stood out!


The next element to look at is this glorious head table! It was dripping in candle light and just so elegant with colorful florals all throughout the table.  It was simply lovely and just a perfect focal point for the wedding reception!


One of the most important parts of the design process at Cafe Brauer is to make sure you use elevated floral arrangements.  With a room with tall ceilings, if you were to bring in taller arrangements, it makes the room feel not flat and so much more elegant.

Cafe Brauer Wedding by Liven It Up Events

And the final touch to this wedding design, was a focal point wedding cake.  This cake was just incredible and designed by Amy Beck Cake Designs.  This cake was layers and in between each layer was a beautiful assortment of fresh flowers.  It stood on top of a clean, white cake stand and was just an elegant focal piece in the room!


Thank you again for looking through this Wedding Planning RECAP.  More to come next week!