Wedding Planning RECAP @ Bridgeport Arts Center

Today we are looking at another fabulous wedding we helped produce at Bridgeport Arts Center. This is one of our favorite locations to work because the space really lends itself to gorgeously romantic events.

The wooden archway and lights strung from the ceiling made for a beautiful ceremony.219A6D11-4256-4A2E-89BA-1894792580AF

The room was then swiftly transformed into a dining area, equally as gorgeous as it was before.B0325FC7-CE95-4588-93E0-A6499C6BFF20

The vertically strung lights helped illuminate the room and added a unique twist to this evening.B6BA1B3A-F2D1-4E87-AD40-710EBE5B5F57

This evening was truly beautiful, from the small ornamented trees used as centerpieces, to the candle light and strung lights that added an elegant illumination, the wedding could not have been more amazing.

We really hope you love this wedding as much as we do!