Wedding Planning RECAP @ Architectural Artifacts

This week we are looking back at a fun wedding we had at Architectural Artifacts!  What was great about this wedding was the setting was all about low lighting and creating a warm and romantic feel.  This was the perfect time of year and setting for this lovely wedding.

Thanks to the team at Food Evolution Catering, the elements that were needed to create this wedding were easily accessible.  We were able to use a combination of benches and chairs for the ceremony.

Kloeckner’s Flowers created a magical chuppah with the lampposts that were in the space by adding touches of flowers and a canopy provided by the couple.  With the lighting design done by MDR Creative, and candle light down the aisle, that finished the look and created a warm and wintery feeling for the ceremony.

0AA Ceremony

For the dinner reception, using a combination of round tables and wooden farm tables, along with long low collections of flowers really set the tone.  With the additional lighting added not only to the tables, but the room, it created a warm and inviting feeling in the space.

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Another fun element that changed after dinner was a beautiful textural wash over the dance floor!  It was a fun way to create a different atmosphere for the dancing portion of the evening.



And to finish it all off, a fun dessert station for all to enjoy!


Thanks again for seeing what we have to do!  Watch for another update soon!

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