Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Deejay Before Hiring

One of the most important people that will be at your wedding besides the two of you is going to be your deejay.  This is the person that keeps the music flowing, the toasters in toasting, and the dancing happen!  Here are some thoughts on what to ask your deejay before hiring them for your wedding.

1.  What are the ways that you get to know what we want to hear and what we do not want to hear?  
Most deejays will sit with you and talk to you about the types of music that you like and do not like.  Some create a ‘Do Not Play List’ and even if it is requested by a guest, he or she will not play it.  Remember, the deejay has the job of making you both happy as well as keeping people on the dance floor.  As long as your “No’s” are not played and the deejay has a guideline for what you want to hear and the crowd is having fun, it is all good!

2.  Do you do an in person consult before hiring?
Although it may not seem important, it might be beneficial for you to meet with your deejay in person before hiring, or even a Skype meeting, just to have some sort of face to face conversation.  It’s important that the deejay understands you as a couple and what you are looking for.  If he or she does from the get go, he or she will understand what type of music to play at your wedding.

3.  If I do not have a planner, will you help us get organized?
I’ll admit it, not every couple hires a planner or a Day of Coordinator.  When that does not happen, the responsibility then truly falls on the deejay to get the bridal party lined up for introductions, cues the toasters when they are going to toast, and prompts the bride and groom when they will cut their cake and do their first dance.  The deejay is an important part of keeping the flow of the evening moving!

4.  Does your pricing include assisting with the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception?
Just to get it all clear and pricing is all out on the table, if you are having your ceremony and reception at the same location, you want to make sure that everything in your quote from your deejay is included.  You will need the deejay to run sound (microphone) for the ceremony, possibly music if you do not have live music for the ceremony.  You will need music (normally played from an iPod and a speaker that the deejay provides) for the cocktail reception, and then of course, music for the dinner and dancing reception!

5.  Do you love what you do?
Sounds like an odd question to ask a deejay, however, in my opinion, the deejay is the life of the party.  I would only feel comfortable having someone deejay my wedding if he or she really loved what they do.  There are so many deejays that LOVE what they do and I would choose any one of them just because I see them rocking out behind the booth with the crowd.  That means they are doing their job, doing it well, and giving a couple the night of their lives!