Throwing a Party that Happens to be a Wedding!

When we hear that a couple wants to have a fun, unique wedding experience, we always are delighted for that! Weddings do not always have to lean on the traditional side, they can be crafted to how the couple would like it to be. For this couple, they were they wanted to have a fun, unique wedding experience for themselves and for their guests!

They chose the Irish Heritage Center for their venue as it was important to them to honor their heritage. Dish Functions Catering was brought on and wrote a beautiful menu that was executed flawlessly. They were so creative and used amazing ingredients to create a delightful menu! Instead of having a sit down, plated meal, there were passed hors d’oeuvres for cocktail hour while an Irish Trio was playing. And for dinner, there were 4 Food Stations, themed after Chicago Neighborhoods that were special for the couple and the food was themed around local bakeries & restaurants in those neighborhoods! It was fabulous!

Angela Garbot of Angela Garbot Photography documented the day and Deborah Wesienhaus & her team at Art of Imagination & Nadine Horwitz & crew with Fragrant Design worked their usual magic in creating a magical ambiance!!! Thanks to the help of Laura Kimmel at Tablescapes Party Rental, we created a fun lounge feeling in a more formal room. Tons of candles, all sorts of seating from high top tables to low tables with chairs and working with a combination of fruit wood tables to

clothed tables.

There was additional lighting brought in to create ambiance and playful floral arrangements throughout.

The evening continued with an Irish Band playing tunes late into the night and on the way out, guests were able to take home a small jar of spice that was unique to the Neighborhoods chosen for the food stations!

All in all, we were successful in transforming the Heritage Center to the fun backdrop that our fun loving couple adored!