Wedding Planning RECAP @ Harold Washington Library

Today we are looking back at a spectacular wedding we were able to create for two grooms at Harold Washington Library. This wedding was simply gorgeous with wonderful splashes of color that made for a truly special evening.

Wedding Planning RECAP @ Morgan Manufacturing

Today, we are looking back at this gorgeous wedding we had at Morgan Manufacturing.  Morgan is a fun, new industrial style space.  It was an old warehouse that was completely converted with an incredible main loft that has skylights throughout, an incredible bar and lounge area, and the bathrooms, (we know, bathrooms?) have been named… Continue reading Wedding Planning RECAP @ Morgan Manufacturing

Wedding Planning RECAP @ The Rookery

We are looking back at another amazing wedding we produced last year!  This was one of our favorites for our two grooms!  What an incredible family, wedding party and couple!  Lets look back and see how we took this incredible building, The Rookery, and made the wedding come to life!

Looking Back at One Year of Marriage Equality In Illinois!

A Note from Anthony Navarro: One of the greatest joys I have had over the past year, is to finally work with same sex couples in Illinois and for the first time, be able to call their union celebrations a wedding.  Now, I have been working with same sex couples for many years, since I… Continue reading Looking Back at One Year of Marriage Equality In Illinois!

Wedding RECAP @ Cafe Brauer

Looking back at yet another fabulous wedding we had this season at Cafe Brauer!  This time we teamed up with Tigerlily Catering, Kloeckner’s Florist, Toast and Jam, Kurt Gerber with Gerber and Scarpelli Photography, Alliance Bakery and of course, the AWESOME team at Cafe Brauer!  Our Groom’s were so happy with how everything came to… Continue reading Wedding RECAP @ Cafe Brauer

Learning Lessons When Planning Same Sex Weddings… aka Weddings!

This past Tuesday, around lunch time, something truly important happened.  ISES, The International Special Events Society, Chicago Chapter hosted a luncheon.  This is not out of the ordinary, as they do this monthly, however at this session, the members decided to assemble a panel of wedding professionals who could speak to planning same sex weddings… Continue reading Learning Lessons When Planning Same Sex Weddings… aka Weddings!

All This Talk About Gay Weddings

From Anthony Navarro Lately, I have been noticing so much chatter about gay weddings, gay weddings, gay weddings and it got me thinking. What is the difference between a gay wedding and a wedding? After giving this some thought, here is what I came up with!