Wedding Planning RECAP @ Harold Washington Library

Today we are looking back at a spectacular wedding we were able to create for two grooms at Harold Washington Library. This wedding was simply gorgeous with wonderful splashes of color that made for a truly special evening.

Celebrating That Love Won!

We are excited to announce the historic decision made by The Supreme Court of the United States to allow all couples to get married in the U.S. We could not be more excited for this decision and that we have been at the forefront of the movement here. We want to thank all of our… Continue reading Celebrating That Love Won!

Looking Back at One Year of Marriage Equality In Illinois!

A Note from Anthony Navarro: One of the greatest joys I have had over the past year, is to finally work with same sex couples in Illinois and for the first time, be able to call their union celebrations a wedding.  Now, I have been working with same sex couples for many years, since I… Continue reading Looking Back at One Year of Marriage Equality In Illinois!

Liven It Up Events Presents #LoveIs

What is love?  The Team at Liven It Up Events is used to working with many couples in love!  These couples fall in love and get married, to create a life together, creating more love, that spreads across their lives with individuals, having children that are loved, creating even more love!  So much love!  In… Continue reading Liven It Up Events Presents #LoveIs