Wedding Planning RECAP @ Harold Washington Library

This week we are taking a look back at this 1920’s inspired wedding we planned last summer at Harold Washington Library.  This was such a fun couple to work with, one from Italian decent and one South Asian.  We had a great time blending cultures, looks, styles from the ceremony to the food.  These grooms… Continue reading Wedding Planning RECAP @ Harold Washington Library

Wedding Planning RECAP @ The Nature Museum

Today, we are looking back at one of our favorite weddings we were able to create for two of our grooms from last summer.  We created a magical outdoor setting for them with a rustic vibe, with an elegant garden feel.  

Celebrating That Love Won!

We are excited to announce the historic decision made by The Supreme Court of the United States to allow all couples to get married in the U.S. We could not be more excited for this decision and that we have been at the forefront of the movement here. We want to thank all of our… Continue reading Celebrating That Love Won!