Liven It Up Events Presents #LoveIs


What is love?  The Team at Liven It Up Events is used to working with many couples in love!  These couples fall in love and get married, to create a life together, creating more love, that spreads across their lives with individuals, having children that are loved, creating even more love!  So much love!  In short, there is a lot of love in our business!

Over the course of the year, the team as been taking snap shots of our weddings, events, people, places and things that we love.  We have been posting them on social media sites and spreading what we seem to love.  We have been hastaging these photos with #LoveIs. 

We also believe that Love has no boundaries.  #LoveIsLove.  In light

of the passing of the Marriage Equality Bill in Illinois, the team at Liven It Up Events has come together to put into words what it means to plan a wedding and to be in love. This is our #LoveIs Campaign to spread the love to the diverse couples we are privileged to work with. Following the team through our social media sites and watching for our #LoveIs hastags, you will be able to see photos of what we believe #LoveIs.

“Liven It Up Events plans all sorts of weddings for every kind of couple. As a team, we are a diverse bunch that have a common belief, love is love and love is awesome! We create celebrations that fit our clients’ distinctive personalities, wants and needs. From elegant sit down dinners in traditional spaces to funky food stations in unique urban venues, the Liven It Up team works with our couples to create a dream wedding that is their very own.”

We believe that…

Liven It Up Love Is

If you believe this, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and watch to see the planners at Liven It Up in the field showing you what #LoveIs all about!  Visit our #LoveIs Campaign page to learn more!