Just A Thought: The Four Mothers

It’s not best photograph that I have ever take, I will admit that.  But, when I saw this unfold, I could not resist taking this photo.  At this wedding, both the bride’s parents and the groom’s parents were divorced and remarried.  That can easily lead to disaster, feelings hurt, or some super drama at the wedding.  Well, in this case, it was nothing like that.

What you see above are “The Four Mothers” as I had the privilege of getting to know.  This was the bride’s mother & step-mother, and the groom’s mother & step-mother.  Something unique about them too is both of the biological mothers have the same first name and both of the step-mothers have the same first name.  Kinda cool! 

Well, this photo shows all “Four Mothers” getting up, and giving the welcome and first toast to the bride and groom.  This touched me so much, I had tears in my eyes when it happened.  This couple is lucky to have some amazing moms.  

Pick up the phone and give your mother a call today…. just a thought!