Just A Thought on Your Planning Thoughts

This is something that I find to be so interesting.  Just like in everyday life, we all have instincts or feelings on what we should do or what we should not do.  Some of these feelings are for smaller everyday things like what to wear, how to prepare your schedule for the day, or what dessert to bring to a dinner party.  And then we have instincts for larger things that happen in our lives like knowing whether or not to accept an offer for a new job, to move homes, buying a new car, or to decide to marry the person you love.

Just like trusting your instincts for your everyday life and for your more important decisions in life, you should trust your instincts on planning your wedding.  When you walk into the room and you just know that you found the right space, go with it!  When you meet with the right vendors and you just know that she or he is he right fit, book them!  When you see the table linen, the flowers, the china, the lighting, the chairs and you know it’s right, go with it!  It helps so much to just trust the little voice inside.   

Photo Courtesy of Garret Photography

This is a couple who I had the pleasure of working with and believe me.  They hand picked everything and everyone for their wedding and when they knew something was right for them, they did it.  When something was not right for them, they moved on!  And believe me, they had a fantastic wedding!

When you know something is right in your everyday life, you do it.  Same thing should be for planning your wedding.  When you know, you know!