Just A Thought: A Hug

There is something to be said about a hug.  As a planner, I am used to hugging all the time, vendors, clients, friends, families, maids of honor, brides, grooms, sometimes, even the father of the bride!  I had one mother of the bride give me a run for more money this year on a hug.  

After the first meeting with the bride and her mother, I went to give the bride a hug and then here mother.  Her mother stopped me and said, “Anthony, I will only hug you if the wedding goes flawlessly.”  Talk about pressure… all for a hug.

 The wedding day came and at the beginning of the day, I said to the mother of the bride, “I’m getting my hug tonight.”  She sharply said, “We’ll see.”  The wedding day went as smooth as any wedding I have ever done.  The weather was perfect, we were a head of schedule, no vendor hiccups, it was perfect!

This particular evening, I had stayed with the couple all the way to the end of the night.  I was helping the mother of the bride into the car, she went to get in, then got out and asked me, “Where’s my hug?”  I responded, “Right here!”  It took 12 months and 14 days to get that hug, but I did it!

Give a person what she or he wants and they will reward you, even if the reward is a hug… just a thought.

Anthony Navarro, Liven It Up Events