Industry Insiders Dish on Family Style (via One World Portfolio)

We were excited to have Anthony featured on Wendy Pashman, owner and chief creator at Entertaining Company’s feature on “Industry Insiders Dish on Family Style” post. Wendy posed two questions to the “Insiders” in regards to family style dining.

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The best photo, but this is what we do best when we get together and talk shop… we laugh!


The first question was…

What is your favorite family-style memory?

“Family style eating has always been a part of my living and being.  I can remember being young and going to my grandmother’s house for “Sunday Dinner,” We were always told that this is what Italians did.  You would go to church and then get together with your family in the early afternoon and eat a hefty dinner of pasta, homemade sauce, or as my grandma calls it, ‘gravy’, meatballs, sausage, Braciola, fresh cheese, and bread from the bakery made the same day!  I can remember sitting around a large dining room table, passing food around, laughing, talking loud and discussing what happened that week.  First there would be wine, with dinner and following up would be some scotch.  When the scotch came out, that is when the interesting conversations, usually leading to an argument of some sort over politics, world affairs, or what we were going to eat next Sunday.  To this day, family style dinners are the only way my family eats around a table.  Good food, good conversation, good wine, good people.  I would not have it any other way!”

The second question was

What is your favorite sharing-plate restaurant experience in Chicago?

“I am not able to pinpoint an actual place that I have loved the plate sharing experience.  What I can pinpoint are two dear friends of mine who I dine with at plate sharing restaurants.  What makes it so special and enjoyable for me is, none of look at the prices on the menu, we ask the server what she or he recommends, and spend about 2 to 3 hours, sitting, drinking a few bottles of good wine, with a slowly coursed out meal.  Catching up on our lives, work, family, other friends and what is happening in the world.  As long as the food is good and the wine is flowing, with the right company, breaking bread and sharing with one another is an enjoyable experience for me!”

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