How to Plan a Vintage Romantic Wedding During the #MonthOfLove

This week during the #MonthOfLove Jackie Belzone with Liven It Up Events and Kenny Woodman with Entertaining Company put their thoughts together on how to create a Vintage Romantic wedding.  You might ask, what is the definition to a Vintage Romantic wedding?

The Vintage Romantic style of wedding embodies whimsy, lightness, touches of yesteryear, and leans toward the feminine.


Some of the venues that lend themselves to this style wedding are.

Loft on Lake

Architectural Artifacts

Salvage One

Cheney Mansion

Women’s Club of Evanston

Stan Mansion

In order to create this wedding style, let’s talk about how to build this wedding from the ground up!

Color Palette

Some of these colors tend to be toward the softer shades of green, pink, coral, orange, and salmon with accents of natural to mahogany, and white, gold, and ivory.

Dress the Table

Wooden or natural long rectangular tables are great for this style of wedding.  Use of wood chivari chairs, the French Country chair or the Tuscan Chair is perfect.  Table settings are highlighted by eclectic  flatware, cut crystal goblets and vintage glassware.  Hemstitched napkins are great for this look.  This look will work perfectly with printed or patterned china as well as vintage designs.

Floral and Decor

In the center of the tables, candelabras, low lighting/tea light candles, with floral accents of violets, Lilly of the Valley, peonies in blush and cream in mercury glass vessels are highlights. Designs will be layered, textured, abundant, and can also include roses, hydrangeas, baby’s breath,ivy,feathers, loosely structured and propped. All antique artifacts are welcome. Overall the feeling is soft, light but lush and full.


Presentation of Food: Embracing Your Inner Foodie with Seated Plated or Buffet Style

Hors d’oeuvres:  Burrata Pate, Truffle Phyllo Kisses, Gaufrettes and Small “Tastes” and Plates. 

First Course: Trio Salad, Small Samples to Taste

Entree: Pan Seared Skatewing or Roasted Filet Mignon, Cauliflower Puree, Lemon Brown Butter, Fig Chutney.

Champagne Sorbet Intermezzo

Late Night Snacks : Filet Mignon Slider, Horseradish whip, Petit Bun




Classical instruments, violins, string instruments, harp music, baroque/soft flowing music


Clean, white with delicate edges. Aged paper, calligraphy. Oval shaped. Velvet. Silk. Embossed. Lace dollies.   Oval picture frame concept, lace pattern, ivory, burnt edges, calligraphy, hand written, soft colors, floral patterns, scented paper, old window pane frame


Attire- lace/ornate dress with extreme detail at neckline, open neckline, bird cage veil, up do with pearl earrings, bridal party dresses-green velvet open back, fur hand muffs for winter weddings/hooded cape lace flavors, fur shrugs or capes. Men- pinstrip vests with classic tux, bow ties or top hat, tux, soft colored suit, pocket squares and ascots.

Additional accessories can include lace, broaches, cameos, flowing gown, high neckline, beaded, embellished, ladies hat, pearls, ribbon, choker, pocket.

For visuals on the Romantic Vintage Style…please visit our Pinterest Board!