Guest Designer Challenge @ Tablescapes

Recently, Liven It Up Events was asked to be the guest designer at Tablescapes Party Rentals.  The challenge is all about using the equipment that Tablescapes has for rent and design what we think is on trend for Weddings in 2014.  We immediately said “YES!” and asked our colleagues Deborah Weisenhaus with Art of Imagination and Juliet Tan with Juliet Tan Flower Designs to create with.  And of course, we asked our friend and colleague, Steve Garrett with Lofty Weddings Photography and Videography and the owner of Loft on Lake to capture the table’s essence.


Letting the creative process work, Deborah, Juliet and Anthony created what we are calling a Vintage Elegance look.  What we wanted to do was take the vintage look and elevate the look to make it more elegant where it could be used in a multitude of venues. Taking what was is an older trend, and adding a little more sophistication to it.  We think we did just that!

When it comes to the Tablescapes, we wanted to use the vintage farm table to set the tone of the vintage look.  From there, we selected the table flatware, china and glassware. We selected elegant pieces, but used items from a few different patterns to stay with our vintage theme.  We knew we needed to select a chair that would be soft enough to blend with the table as well as help stay in touch with the vintage look, so we selected the Tuscan chair.





When it came to flowers, we used elevated buffet pieces as stands for this full collection of flowers on the table.  Using items for other reasons than what they are created for is one of our specialties!  Using a combination of candles, candle holders, and mercury glass and cut crystal vessels, these gorgeous floral creations adorned this beautiful table.

140220_0065  140220_0408      140220_0064 140220_0039 140220_0326  140220_0011

To top it all off, Deborah added a hanging crystal chandelier over the table and added a combination of beautiful silver and ivory satin fabric to give the table the perfect backdrop!


In short, we think we did a great job on this challenge and were so grateful for the opportunity to work as a creative team to elevate a trend to another level!