Get Fit For The Big Day!

Getting in shape for your wedding day is a must for most brides! It can be an overwhelming task to some who do not know where to begin the process. Well we have good news! Last week a new episode of The Wedding Planners debuted at and it is all about getting fit for the big day! Anthony, Desiree, and Claudia met with several different people in the fitness world in hopes to give brides their best advice for fitness! If you don’t have time to watch the full episode, we have broken it down into segments here on the blog.

In this first segment, Desiree Dent meets with Kerry Knee, the owner of Flirty Girl Fitness to learn about getting in shape by taking pole dancing classes. Whether it’s to surprise your man or get in shape, these classes are a great workout!

The second part of the show features fitness coach Michael Harris with 1 On 1 Heath Fitness. During this episode, Coach Mike gives his best advice for brides wanting to feel confident on their wedding day. He also demonstrates simple exercises that are a great workout for the big day!

During the third segment of this episode, The Wedding Planners interview an upcoming bride who is trying to get fit for her wedding day. What she doesn’t know is that The Wedding Planners and Coach Mike from 1 On 1 Health Fitness have a surprise for her!

The last segment of episode 4 features different questions that brides and grooms have about weddings. This week The Wedding Planners answer questions about toasts, average cost of weddings, and cocktail music. Be sure to follow The Wedding Planners as they get ready for their next episode!