Fun Bachelorette Party Planning Ideas!

Before you enter the beautiful, blissful world of marriage (most of it is, trust me) a proper bachelorette party must be observed. Of course it would be great if Martha Stewart can throw you one, but you can definitely trust your girlfriends to give you the best party ever. You already have your macarons from Laduree and cute sandwiches and pastries for your dainty English tea party-themed bachelorette party, but have you ever thought about the games? If you’re stumped about it, here are some great game ideas that can make your party a success.

Have you ever given any thought about bingo? This not only applies to geriatric players, but also to fine young things such as you and your friends. You can check out sites such as cheekybingo so that you can refresh your memory about this fun, traditional game. Updating this game for your bachelorette party is easy. The guests just have to write down what gifts they think the bride will receive. When she opens the gifts, just cross out the ones she received and when someone forms a vertical, horizontal or a diagonal line, the winner gets a prize. You can even make new friends with its online community and ask for some tips and tricks for your bachelorette party.

Another interesting game idea is Dress Like the Bride where the bride’s friends can be divided into groups and they will dress in a theme that will fit the bride’s personality. To those who don’t know this yet, another fun game is The Lingerie Game where each friend gives the bride some lingerie as a gift and the bride then guesses who gave it to her. Lastly, you can also play Ex Charades where the bride guesses who among her friends’ unlucky ex-lover her friend is emulating. Other fantastic ideas include hosting a spa party by the poolside or have a professional chef prepare your dinner.