Fashion Inspiration from Project Runway Contestant, Katelyn Pankoke

Fashion Inspiration

By Vanessa LeWinter, Event Planner, Liven It Up Events

To quote one of my favorite sartorialists, Tim Gunn, the members of the team here at Liven It Up always “Make it work”.

So naturally, I could not have been more excited to see one of our local wedding designing authorities make the cut for Project Runway’s Season 11.  Project Runway is always on point for future designs and creative inspirations.  And so far this season local wedding dress designer, Katelyn Pankoke of Elaya Vaughn, has been creating a fan base by making designs reflective of her style with a strong bridal influence.  She uses the Chicago architecture as an inspiration for wedding dress design which on it’s own makes her an excellent representative of Chicago.

Kate gave me a few exclusive tidbits for our Liven It Up brides on wedding dress shopping:

LIU: How do suggest a bride should pick her dress?

KP: A bride should take two things into consideration when choosing her dress, her personality and body-type. First a bride should decide the look she is going for, and then she should choose a silhouette in that style that is appropriate for her body.


LIU: How did you come up with such innovative styling to make dresses more custom for brides?

KP:  I believe that a wedding gown should be just as unique as the bride that wears it. A wedding gown should not take over the bride, but rather, reflect the purest form of herself. When I design, I picture a bride in my head and think of what I can do to bring out her personality. 


Thank you Kate for your advice!  And I call dibs on the dress made out of fresh flowers.  Set the DVR to record Project Runway to watch Kate as she rocks it for our city on Project Runway.


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