Our Philosophy on Producing Events

Who We Are

Liven It Up Events is a full-scale event planning and production company. We look to take our events to the next level by creating a unique experience for the guests and to create memorable moments that will elevate your brand.

What We Do

We take your need for an event and translate that to an experiential and unique event experience. There are many reasons for producing an event for your organization. Our goal is to take the idea you have and transform it into a live event that will keep your clients or employees impressed and feeling proud of working with or for you.

Services that We Offer

Our Planning and Production Services are fully customizable and unique for each event.

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The Types of Events We Produce

Our event production services are geared for companies that need assistance in making an impression or a dramatic impact on their clients, customers or employees. The type of events that we create are:

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A Case Study on Event Essentials

There are some important elements that are needed for an event. Here’s how we incorporated what we consider are the essentials for our events into making the client’s event actualize.


Starting with the canvas, having the venue setting the tone. This can be in a warehouse, a loft, a museum, a hotel, or rooftop terrace. The first component to building a successful event is selecting the proper venue that will entice your guests to come to the event and be glad they are there when they arrive.

This client wanted to create a 1920’s speakeasy for their event. Selecting a venue that already had that vibe was the start to setting the stage.

One of the items that adds flair and memorability to an event is the quality and types of foods and cocktails served. By assessing your needs, our team will help create menus that will fit the desires of your guests. From your Chicago favorites, to more causal bites to formal hors d’oeuvres, themed food stations, to a full plated dinner. Crafting unique or branded cocktails are a perfect accent to help your guests enjoy their evening and keep your event memorable.

Using unique foods to help dazzle the guests.

The goal is to make sure your guests enjoy their time at your event and remember afterwards that it was your company that was their gracious host. By working with your team, the Liven It Up Events team will create branded elements through décor items that will remind your guests they were at your event.

Adding touches throughout the event to remind the guests why they are there.

Showcasing products or highlighting a presentation are a top priority and the main reason you are hosting the event. By utilizing technology available to our team, we can help highlight your brand to ensure your guests remember they were at your event.

A presentation during dinner was fun and easy and enjoyable for the guests.

This is what we consider to be the “icing on the cake.” Entertainment includes everything from live music, to a deejay, to costumed or themed performers. These acts will help set the tone of the party and at a quality level, will be what help your guests enjoy themselves and most importantly remember the evening as an enjoyable and fun time.

These flapper dancers paired with the band was a great way to kick the evening off after dinner.
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