Trisha Buries

CREATE, ACCOMPLISH and EVOLVE embodies Trisha’s professional and personal values. Born and raised in Chicago, Trisha studied Marketing Communications at the city’s beloved Columbia College. Over the span of her career, her passion for creativity has allowed tremendous growth and success within organizing communications and project management. Trisha’s ability to manage and organize allow her to effectively perform event coordination in both the corporate and wedding arenas. Trisha is solutions focused and performs with integrity, professionalism and dedication. She is praised for her relationship building and her “whatever it takes” approach. As a genuine mentor and creative specialist, she is applauded for her ability to produce sophisticated and elegant events that build and cultivate upon the visions of her clients. Those who have worked with her have enjoyed their experience with Trisha citing her as personable, high energy, sincere and committed to client satisfaction. Words she lives by: "you must PAY ATTENTION in order to show attention to detail".

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