7 Tips of Planning a Successful Wedding in a Chicago Venue

It seems to be more and more common, that planning a wedding, a wedding in a Chicago venue specifically, can be challenging.  Not looking for a ballroom feel, something modern, unique, different has been all of the rage for years.  Hosting a wedding in a photography studio, flower shop, loft, warehouse, museum, or privately owned space really is what Liven It Up Events is all about!  Here are our 7 Tips of Planning a Success Wedding in a Chicago Venue. 

1.  Set your budget and understand costs before you book the venue.  You must understand all of the items that go into planning a wedding in a venue. Make sure you have some understanding on costs on what is included in the venue rental rate, catering, and decor.  Remember, you have to have music, a photographer, dress, transportation, invitations, hair, make-up, videography, valet, and so on!  Make sure you know everything that goes into planning a wedding before you make a decision on any venue!

2.  Make sure your venue has hosted weddings and events before.  There are new venues popping up all over the place and there is nothing wrong with that.  If the person in charge has experience in weddings, that is a great sign that your wedding will be a success!

Prairie Productions Wedding

3.  Hiring a professional and reliable caterer.  Catering has come a long way from dried chicken and mushy vegetables.  There are a multitude of caterers out there that will do a phenomenal job catering weddings.  Ask your venue manager if they have a list of caterers that they prefer!  The wedding industry is all about referrals.  The more great things you hear about a company, the better they will most likely do on your wedding day!

4.  Hiring an experience decor or florist that has worked in the venue.  Understanding how a venue works, as in what the lighting is like in a space a certain time of the day or the rules of loading into and set-up for the space.  Some venues literally give you an hour to set up.  Having a decor team that knows how to work under this pressure is key!

5.  Making your guests feel comfortable.  When guests walk into a venue, especially those family members who might never have dreamed to see a wedding in a photography studio or warehouse!  What you can do to make them feel comfortable comes in your timing.  Make sure that you include things that are familiar to them, like a cocktail hour, toasts or speeches, formal dances with parents, cake cutting.  You know, the wedding things!  Great food, great drinks, and great music make for a fabulous wedding no matter where you are.  Just make it “look” like a wedding and it will be a success!

Loft on Lake

6.  Keep it simple… when it comes to the extras!  Most venues are what we call same day in and out.  That means whatever is needed for the wedding day, any DIY projects, toasting flutes, cake knife & server, favors, menu cards, place cards, etc, have to come into the venue on the day of the wedding and leave that evening.  It’s important to put your stamp on your wedding, just remember you may have to think about those items at the end of the night!

7.  Have a Day of Coordinator assist you in planning your wedding.    If you budget can allow it, we know more and more and more, that our Day of Couples are glad they had us!  We were able to help them with all of the above and make sure that the wedding day runs smoothly from start to finish!  To learn more, visit our website here!

Hope that this is helpful to you in planning your wedding in a cool venue!

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