7 Secrets to Making Your Wedding Photography a Memorable Success

It is often said to so many couples getting married. After the wedding is over, all that will be left for you to have of the wedding, besides the memory that you will have and that small frozen wedding cake in the freezer, there is not much left of the wedding except your photographs.  Wedding photographs are one of the most important and key components that you will have after your wedding. 

In Chicago there are many photographers that we work with and so many different companies that are fantastic to work with!  One of them happens to be Carasco Photography.  The owners, Cara & Scott Nava are not only experts in their field, they are entrepreneurs at heart.  Not to mention, they are great people to have with you on your wedding day!

With that said, we asked Cara & Scott what they thought were the 7 secrets to making your wedding photography a memorable success and here is what they had to say!

1.  Style. Choose a photographer whose style you are drawn toward not price. Look around, research websites and their blogs, narrow your top 3 and then base the final decision on your rapport.

Courtesy of Carasco Photography

2.  Higher a planner. Be sure you hire a planner to help keep things on track, you don’t want to be busy on the phone calling the limo driver when you should be spending time taking photos with your photographer or enjoying the day.

3.  Time. Give your photographer enough time to capture great photographs with you and your bridal party;

4.  Trust. Choose your photographer wisely, communicate and trust them to capture the real you. The less you obsess about the camera, the better.

5.  Touch ups. Consider getting your hair and makeup touched up for portraits especially if you are going to different locations outdoors. Wind and heat can both wreck havoc on your hair and makeup; consider having a stylist around for touch ups.

6.  Communicate and collaborate with your photographer. The more you collaborate, the more time it gives your photographer to plan and get to know you, and thus create photographs that represent you well.

7.  Decor and Lighting. Consider how your decor will appear in photos. Illuminate your space and consider the decor.

Courtesy of Carasco Photography

If you would like to learn more about Scott & Cara, please visit their website at www.carascophoto.com

***All photos are from Carasco Photography and have been given permission to post within the post.