Wedding Planning RECAP @ The Firehouse
June 28, 2016

Let’s take a look at a wedding at one of our favorite weddings held at The Firehouse. This simple yet chic wedding was truly magnificent. 

The ceremony was very aesthetically pleasing with chairs lining both sides of the aisle that lead to two arrangements of blooming flowers and an alter. The simplicity of this space really kept the focus on the lovely bride and groom.


After the newly weds had exchanged their “I do’s” the guests were escorted into the dining area which was again very aesthetically pleasing with beautiful symmetry and elegance.


The flower arrangements lining the tables added some flavor and fun to the chic space. With varying sizes, shapes, colors and heights, the arrangements were truly an eye catcher and added warmth and happiness to the decor. 2B76B36D-5FD0-4CF4-82D8-9D0B664167C7

Look forward to our next Wedding Planning RECAP!

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