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Tuesday’s Tip: Hire a Professional, Experienced & Personable Photographer!
October 2, 2012

Over this past weekend, I had the privilege working with Ingrid Bonne-Goggine with Ingrid Bonne Photography, a local photographer in Chicago. Here’s why I am writing this post.  Ingrid came right into the room, got herself organized, started shooting some details as well as some candid shots.  When the bride came into the room, you could see her enthusiasm burst through at how genuinely excited she was to see the bride and how happy she was to be a part of her special day!  

Here’s a shot of Ingrid photographing the couple!

Throughout the day, Ingrid really help keep everything moving.  She was making sure the bride was enjoying herself but still keeping the bridal party of 14 plus the bride & groom on time!  Not always an easy task! 

What really made the day memorable for me is when she was shooting the bride and groom for the first time, she kept telling them how cute they were or how adorable they were and she meant it!  It made them feel good and helped make their day that much more enjoyable!
Tuesday’s Tip:  Hire a professional pro who is seasoned enough to know how to have a balance of fun and can get the shots take and make you feel great about you and your boo!  Not an easy task, but Ingrid is just one of those AMAZING photographers that can do just that!

Tuesday’s Tip: Professional Wedding Photographers Know How to Bare the Elements
September 25, 2012

In Chicago, for those of you who know this, the weather is always unpredictable.  Last week, one of the weddings we had was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art, or the MCA.  The day before, we had the rehearsal and we were outside in the sculpture garden.  It was gorgeous outside.  The wedding day, it was 57, damp, and raining.  

There are a couple of lessons here….

1.  There was a back up plan that the bride and groom were happy with!

2.  The bride and groom did not get their hopes set on having the wedding indoors or outdoors.  They were happy to have space with their family and friends to get married!

3.  Having a photographer who can quickly change the plan from going on location to outdoor locations to indoor locations.

We were lucky to have Matt Haas & Sarah Olsen with Matt Haas Photography be the photographers for the day, making sure that the bride and groom were still getting all of the shots that they wanted and dealing with the rain coming on and off. 

TIP:  Have a rain plan on the day of for your wedding photographs and work with a photograph who knows how to be flexible on the day of!

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