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Wedding Recap @ The Crystal Gardens
September 27, 2012

One of the weddings we had this year was custom built for this couple.  We had everything from the lamp & candelabra centerpieces made to the linens.   Take a look at how Stefani’s Catering, Jesse with Event Creative, Maggie Speaks, Sarah & Ryan with Miller + Miller Photography and everyone else that made this wedding possible! 

This was also the last wedding I worked with my friend and colleague Sheree Figler with Tablescapes.  Sheree was a gift to the Chicago Wedding Industry, a talented designer, and a perfectionist.  I miss her and am thankful we had the opportunity to go out with a bang.  She had the linens custom made for this wedding because she knew it was necessary!

The Wedding Sessions Are HERE!
May 31, 2012
A few months ago I came up with this idea to take the blog at Liven It Up Events and instead of posting pictures of our work and some more generic wedding blog stuff, I wanted it to become a platform to answer questions that folks have on planning weddings.  So it began where I would shoot a short video or two every week.  Posting them on he blog and using Facebook and Twitter for all my friends and clients to follow!  
My buddy and colleague Wendy Pashman, the owner of Entertaining Company, started following my videos and we began chatting about wedding issues back and forth to each other.  Wendy asked me a question about planners and caterers relationships and I then asked her a question back. It was then that I asked her answer some wedding questions with me on video.  Now if you know Wendy or I, we can not do anything too simple! 
We brainstormed first at her office.  Thinking about what are the most common questions and misnomers folks have about planners, catering, and weddings that we hear.  We needed some inspiration so we found ourselves at Le Colonial over afternoon cocktails.  We then walked the grounds at Cafe Brauer, and sat in the showroom at Tablescapes to ponder what are some of the most pressing questions our couples have in planning their wedding and you’ll see next week what we discovered!
Watch over the next couple of weeks as we post our video sessions of “The Wedding Sessions.”  We hope that these video conversations answer questions and help inspire and enlighten couples getting ready to tie the knot!

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