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What’s Next for the Liven It Up Events Blog?!
September 6, 2012

This is truly an exciting time for the team at Liven It Up Events.  We have ended our Summer Wedding Season and gearing up for the fall and winter!  That alone is exciting for us!

We have decided for this fall season to switch it up a little!  We are going to have 3 days of posting, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

  • Tuesdays are all about tips.  Wedding planning related, but tips that will help you plan your wedding!  Know that you will have tips coming now from all of our planners! 
  • Wednesdays will be geared towards some memorable moments that we have had as a team, planning and running weddings.

  • Thursdays will be recapping some of the weddings we have planned in hopes to give some inspiration for your own wedding or special event.

You will also start to see posts on Friday about marriage equality as it is am important issue to not only the team at Liven It Up Events, but also in the country right now.  Stay tuned for more on that!

With that all said, this will be starting next week, so keep reading and watch for all of the Wedding excitement, right here on the Liven It Up Events Blog!

Thanks for reading and we are looking forward to continuing the inspiration for you!!!

Until then….happy planning!

The Liven It Up Events Team
Anthony, Misha, Sally, & Jean



Sally, Senior Planner at Liven It Up Events
August 16, 2012

Liven It Up Events is truly lucky to have the planning talents of Sally Collar on the team!  Sally has been working in the event world for about 15 years!  She is knowledgeable, has an eye for design, and is a calming voice on wedding day!  See how Sally can help make your wedding day a memorable one!

Photo Copyright Stephen Garrett Photography

 Sally Collar, Senior Planner, has turned out phenomenal weddings and corporate events for fifteen years, the last twelve in the great city of Chicago. She brings a true passion for combining venue, food, décor and entertainment to find the perfect creative expression of her clients’ vision. Leveraging her personal network and experience in restaurants, hotels, venues and catering, she helps to realize those plans with flawless and budget-conscious execution. At the end of the day, she believes connecting personally with her clients is what makes it all possible.

 Here are some of Sally’s weddings & events she has done below!

Sally worked at The Chicago Botanic Gardens with an amazing crew!  Event Creative made this wedding magical and memorable!

This wedding was at the Museum of Contemporary Art with a great spread provided by Wolfgang Puck Catering and floral by Davenport Designs.

Here you will see a co-planned this fundraising event at The Zhou B. Art Center for Lakeside Community Development.  J and L Catering provided food for this amazing cause.

Top 5 Questions to Ask A Wedding Planner Before Hiring
May 8, 2012

There seem to be different view points that come around every year on what are the questions you should ask your wedding planner before hiring.  I can tell that some of those articles have been posted because the same questions are being asked repeatedly.  I think it is SO important to ask your wedding planner questions, don’t get me wrong, but here are my thoughts on the questions that should be asked.

1.  How many years have you been in business? 
Find out the level of experience of the planner.  Are you looking for someone who just planned their first wedding last month or someone who has been doing this for a long time.  There is the right planner for everyone, knowing the level of experience that will make you feel comfortable is key.  Also, knowing their professional background.  For myself and the planners at Liven It Up, we all have some sort of combination of hotel/off-premise catering/restaurant/banquet & conference experience.  Having experience for some folks may be key in timing a wedding and keeping the day on track.

2.  How many weddings do you (and your team) plan a year?
It is good to know how many other brides the team is working with.  If you want someone who is always around for you, you might not get that with someone who has many events a year.  This also shows the skill level of a planner.  How many events can she/he balance at one time.  The Team at Liven It Up Events has certain policies in how many events we take on a year, how many we take on a weekend, and we have back up plans in case something happens to one of the planners here. 

3.  What is the range in budgets that you work in?
This is good to know even if you have a large budget that the planner may know how to work with smaller budgets to not just spend money to spend! 

4.  What type of weddings do you normally plan?  
 There is a difference in planning a wedding in a hotel/club vs. a privately owned venue where everything has to be brought in.  If you are going to more venue route, you should look for a planner who does more venue weddings and vice versa if you are going the hotel route. 

5.  What is your philosophy in planning a wedding?  
 I have my own philosophy when it comes to planning a wedding and I make sure that I am up front about that with new clients.  I want them to understand I am not here to spend money just to spend, I am planning their wedding, not my wedding, so I am going to give them what THEY want, and I want to make sure we have fun in the process!  Without enjoying the process, why go through it at all?!

Check in Thursday for the Top 5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself About Moving Forward with a Wedding Planner!

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