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Wedding Recap by Season – Fall Weddings
November 1, 2012

This next series that we are featuring is a wedding recap by season!  The first season we are looking at is one of my favorites, the Fall!  What you are going to see if a combination of fall like weddings, in hotels, venues, and unique spaces.  Take a look!

Here’s a wedding at the MCA, with Wolfgang Puck Catering and Cattleya Designs for decor!

This great reception took place at Lake Shore Country with Event Creative

This fall wedding took place at Cafe Brauer with Entertaining Company and Kloeckner’s Floral.

This amazing wedding at A New Leaf featured food by J&L Catering and floral by A New Leaf.

This wedding at Loft on Lake features floral by Jozef Cross Designs & draping by Art of Imagination. 

Tuesday’s Tip: It’s Your Wedding, Put Your Stamp on It!
October 16, 2012

I see so many weddings a year and every wedding seems to always have the same if not similar elements at each one.  There is always some sort of ceremony (which that is what makes it a wedding and not just a party!), some sort of cocktail reception or at least cocktails, a dinner of some sorts whether it is served on a plate, a station, or a tray, and dessert because everyone loves dessert!

A couple who’s wedding I recently did, completely made their wedding their own.  They were considered by some, non-traditional, however, they were married in a church and took what is normally known for a traditional venue, Cafe Brauer, and turned it into a fun cocktail party with heavy food stations catered by Entertaining Company.  We had candles suspended from the ceiling by Frost Lighting, while Kloeckner’s Florists turned some staple pieces to give the room some WOW!  The Bradley Young Orchestra kept the bride, groom, and all dancing on the dance floor.

We took a traditional space and turned it into a fun cocktail style area where guests wandered throughout the space, had cocktails, danced, and had fun!  We “sprinkled” wedding items in through the night, like a cake cutting, Father of the Bride toast, first dance, and so on!  It was truly magical. Having a fun time was the goal and no matter where they were going to be, they want to make sure that was going to be the case.  Here’s a sneak peak at what we did!

The room was glowing and the bride & groom & family were singing with the band, on stage at the end of the night.  This was truly a FUN celebration!

Tuesday’s Tip – The Royals Have Made Trees at Weddings All the Rage!
September 18, 2012
Thanks to The Royal Wedding last year, we have seen a trend pop up, more and more.  Utilizing trees!  Now, in other markets, it’s pretty common to use trees, but here in Chicago, it has not been so common until this year!  Take a look at some of the weddings we have produced where we use trees to accentuate the spaces!

Wedding was in The Great Hall at Cafe Brauer, Catering was Blue Plate Catering, and Decor was provided by Scarlet Petal.
Same wedding as above, just after the room flip!
Here was another wedding at Cafe Brauer, ceremony on the Loggia, Catering by Entertaining Company & Decor by Scarlet Petal.

This Civil Union took place at The Ivy Room, catering by Food for Thought & Decor by Scarlet Petal.

The Wedding Sessions, Why A Tasting?
September 4, 2012

In this final clip from, ‘The Wedding Sessions’, Wendy Pashman, owner of Entertaining Company, and Anthony Navarro, owner of Liven It Up Events, discuss why we have tastings for your wedding menu!  Watch the clip to learn the reasons why!! 

Watch for what will be coming up on our blog in the coming weeks!  The big reveal will be Thursday, September 6th!  Stay tuned!

The Wedding Sessions, The Planner
August 30, 2012

In this episode of The Wedding Sessions, you will hear Wendy Pashman with Entertaining Company and myself, Anthony Navarro with Liven It Up Events chat about the pros of hiring a wedding planner!

Take a look and watch next month for NEW wedding sessions!

The Wedding Sessions, Variety & Options
August 28, 2012

In this episode of “The Wedding Sessions” you will hear Wendy Pashman with Entertaining Company & myself, Anthony Navarro with Liven It Up Events chat about variety and options of food for a wedding!  Watch and learn more about how to customize your wedding menu!

Watch next month for new wedding sessions!

The Wedding Sessions, Plated vs Buffet Dinner
August 23, 2012

Now that you have selected your wedding venue, we need to decide which way you should serve your guests their dinner.  Should you go with a traditional plated, seated meal or something more modern by having a variety of food stations where guests get up and help themselves to a variety of foods? 

Hear it from the expert, Wendy Pashman, owner of Entertaining Company, on what she has to say.  Watch Anthony with Liven It Up Events tackle some thoughts on wedding planning next week “The Wedding Sessions.”

The Wedding Sessions, Selecting A Wedding Venue
August 21, 2012

Since it is booking season all over again, and couples are getting to get engaged and planning their wedding, I thought it would be a great idea to re-run “The Wedding Sessions.”  This is a short series of tips and tricks for people who are planning their weddings.  The videos feature myself and Wendy Pashman, owner of Entertaining Company, a local Catering Company in Chicago.  Our goal was to help create some ideas and give advice on selecting a venue, a caterer, and a planner.

In this first episode, we talk about how you can select the proper wedding venue! Take a look!

The Wedding Sessions, The First Run!
June 21, 2012

Well that was an exciting couple of weeks listening to Wendy & I talk a little about some thoughts on wedding planning!  Just in case you missed any of the episodes here are them all for you to see!

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